Concept and Coordination
Aydin Silier
Many thanks to
Gurur Ertem, Nevenka Koprivsek, Renata Papsch
for their offer of advice
Special thanks to our sponsors who accepted our new model of
"modest sponsoring", which does not dominate the presentation
of the artistic event, and in which the sponsors are announced
at the end of the year.

Administrative Manager
Cigdem Turkoglu
Production Assistants
Yelin Bilgin, Talin Buyukkurkciyan
Artist Assistants
Gonul Aydogdu, Ufuk Doleneken
Technical Director
Cem Gork
Presentation on Stage
Aydin Silier, Vivian Saragosi
Idil Kemer, Ayhan Sarac, Burcu Ozbey, Murat Prosciler,
Sezen Tonguz, Omer Uysal, Eda Yapaner, Fikret Yuksel
Video and photo documentation
Levent Oget